Khee Hiang Claypot Noodles Bayan Lepas

Khee Hiang Claypot Noodles is situated in Tingkat Mahsuri Penang where the name is no longer a stranger to locals. The familiarity comes about as a result of Khee Hiang’s famous clay pot noodle dish that is above average. This restaurant has been drawing patrons and regulars ever since it first opened its door not too long ago back in mid 2014 with classic classic recipe that existed dated back to 1984. Many has receive their fair share to get a try on this place and never come back with disappointment – which says a lot about this place. Khee Hiang’s extensive menu consists of its signature claypot soup, seafood dishes, and many more.

But of course it’s next to impossible not to shed some spotlight on Khee Hiang’s clay pot noodle dish that is claimed to be one of the best around such as Claypot Peppermint Shrimp Noodles, or Claypot Fish Ball Soup Koay Teow Kia that is packed with prawns, fish balls, and herbs that simply cannot be overlooked. For the much adventurous tongue out there, Ghee Heng’s Claypot Siam Soup is a hit among patrons as well for its hot piping soup and spiciness that will sting every sip taken of it. But the evident red broth does seem to make the endurance worth it. Khee Hiang Claypot Noodles popularity comes a in a bit by bit and day per day. Over the weekend, people will swarm the place and getting a seat requires a little patient and some waiting time but for regulars, it is never a problem considering the reward they will get later and weekdays are frequented by lunch crowds most of the time. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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