Nestled in Georgetown of Penang, Gou Lou coffee shop has been dishing out rather decadent dishes throughout its many years of establishment, and over the years gained quite the reputation among food aficionados and critics, especially when it comes to whipping up scrumptious noodle dishes.

Being a noodle specialist in their own right through and through, Gou Lou's signature dish indubitably comes in the form of Mee Suah Koh. As the name would suggest, the dish utilises 'mee suah', a thin wheat flour noodle of Chinese origin -smooth and supple when cooked but brittle otherwise; coupled along with a broth rich in consistency due to usage of starch, the Mee Suah Koh is somewhat identical in taste and texture to shark fin soups of the upper echelons in culinary arts. The similarity is made all the more pronounced with the usage of black vinegar. Also present in this dish are ingredients such as minced pork meat and juicy, plump prawns.

Aside from the tasty Mee Suah Koh, patrons can also opt for another signature flavour of Gou Lou, which is derived from their rendition of the common -yet delectable wantan mee. Made fresh from eggs and flour, the all-too-familiar yellow noodles are springy and chewy in bite and generously smothered with savoury dark sauce. Garnished with a delightful amount of char siew and blanched vegetable, it makes for quite a hearty dish and being named after a dumpling dish, wantan (dumplings) are also part of the wantan mee ensemble.

Of course, it doesn't stop there with Gou Lou. Char Hor FunChar Yee Mee, beef noodles as well as Penang's regional speciality, the oyster omelette -just to name a few; are part of the decadent menu as well. As a memorable finish, do make it a point to end your gastronomical adventure with a glass of coffee.


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