Jung Won Korean Restaurant

Tanjung Bungah is a popular spot for foodies, from seafood to Western food, you can have it all. Many Korean Restaurants can be found around the area too. Recently, a new one opened its door to its customers and it is called Jung Won (情園). Even though they are new in the area but they have gained its own reputation among the Penang folks. This restaurant can be spotted at Jalan Mount Erskine just neighbouring the wet market. It should not be a problem in finding this restaurant since it is located in a big white house with a striking red signage hanging on top of it. Interior wise, it has a very nice minimalist décor.


Specialising in steamboat and barbecue, this restaurant also offers a limited choices of noodles dishes and alcohol. If you are in the mood for some Shabu, you can go for their Beef Shabu Set and Seafood Shabu Set. The sets consist of a big stack of finely sliced meat and a small quantity of seafood, served alongside a clear broth that gives a very subtle and sweet taste from the veggies added in the soup. Jung Won provides two types of dipping sauce - Korean Sweet Soya Sauce and Sesame Sauce. The two special sauce blends deliciously with the meats. Even though you are required to order a minimum of two sets of Shabu, but the big portion can easily feed up to three small growling tummy. They offer three types of Shabu sets – Shabu - Seafood, Beef and Mushroom.

Another great add-on woud be the Kimchi Somyun. It consists of fine white wheat noodles served alongside appetizingly chilled Kimchi soup. Taste exactly like Kimchi except that it is milder. This place is definitely worth visiting due to their helpful service, affordable price range, and minimalist interior.

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