Malaysia being a country that is rich with food, breakfast options come aplenty. Classics like buttered toast prove to still be a crowd favourite regardless of other options out there. Joo Leong Café is an establishment near the Penang International Airport in Bayan Lepas, also known as the ‘Roti Bakar Sungai Tiram’ for serving one of the best toasts all around. More of a kopitiam than a café; the place is littered with simple almost always occupied tables and chairs, in a traditionally humble setting.

Famous for its Toast or Roti Bakar in Malay, Joo Leong have been attracting customers both local and foreigners, due to its location. The simple toast is made by generously spreading a thick slice of bread with butter, toasting it butter side down, and served so. Patrons can choose to add granulated sugar on top of their toast as well. The ultimate breakfast combo at Joo Leong, or anywhere in Malaysia really, is combining the toast with half boiled egg and a drink. 

The Half Boiled Egg at Joo Leong are cooked perfectly while still oozing the creamy goodness, be it one or two eggs, it is a norm to dip your already cut toast into the egg mix. Drinks at Joo Leong come in the usual coffee, tea, or Milo. Other menu mentions for breakfast include Nasi Lemak with Sambal Fish, and Fried Noodles for added variation. 

While mornings are a busy affair here, night time is equally as busy. Business hours that caters to only breakfast and dinner, the dinner menu is as simple as it can be, except made extraordinary with the presence of fresh, sizable seafood.

Get a kick out of the normal Maggi, being made into Seafood Maggi with big size prawns that add more to the familiar flavour. Satay and Sotong Kangkung are also few of the best sellers for dinner.

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