Jaya Catering is a well-known chain of Indian restaurants sprawled throughout the state of Penang. While they do have a number of branches in the island, their outlet located in the always bustling Penang Road is undoubtedly one of the more lively places to dine in in the area. Jaya Catering is renowned for serving a mixture of aromatic Indian meals and Malaysian delights, all of which differ slightly depending on the meal and time of the day.

For instance, during the morning hours where diners enjoy breakfast, the one item that keeps customers coming back for more is most certainly the thosai. The thosai served at Jaya Catering can be prepared in a number of different styles, such as with ghee, spicy potatoes, fresh onions, or egg (be it scrambled then infused into the thosai or a sunny-side-up).

Then during the afternoon, the bells and whistles are put in place to serve up some of the best banana leafrice the state of Penang has to offer. Of course with any rendition of banana leaf rice, the priority is always on the sides and curries that are available to drench the rice in. In Jaya Catering, there’s no skimping in this department as the restaurant serves up three scoops of vegetable for each banana leaf plate, and has side dishes like chicken masala, mutton curry, and a whole lot more.

At night, Jaya Catering plays the North Indian card and whips out the tandoor oven to serve some naan and the quintessential side of tandoori chicken. So if you’re looking for a trusted name in Indian cuisine in the state of Penang, look no further than Jaya Catering.

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