People are always terrified of healthy food and being vegan. Little do they know that eating healthy is actually not that bad at all. With the latest inventions and peoples’ creative minds, healthy delicacies are now available in so many flavours and form. But most importantly, delicious. Since Penang is the food heaven for Malaysian, vegetarian restaurants has been booming like mushrooms in the island. One of the best you can find if you asked? Idealite Wellness Restaurant.


Up until today, they have a total of three outlets all around Penang. They are known for serving delightful vegetarian cuisine without adding any MSG or preservatives in their cooking. Located in a popular shopping mall, Plaza Gurney, the restaurant is bright and spacious making it ideal for big families to come in. Their extensive menu is yet another element that attracts customers to take a break from their shopping spree and enjoy a healthy meal.


Idealite Wellness Restaurant is said to be meat free which mean no pork, no chicken, no lard, no beef, no fish and no lamb. However, do note that they do serve dishes that contains egg. So, be sure to ask if you are in doubt! This organic restaurant offers various food selections ranging from local delights to some Japanese fusion delicacies. Salads, Hokkaido Vege Sushi, and Nyonya Rendang Hericium Chee Cheong Fun are among the signature dishes of this place. Beverages like juices are also highly recommended due to the freshness of the ingredients used.


Despite the cuisine being less sweet, less salt and less oil (probably none at all), you will still find them without a doubt, flavourful. So, let’s change our mind set and try this new way of living – eating healthy!

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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