Humbly nestled as one of the push-cart stalls in the Jelutong Market, Hussain Mee Goreng has been one of those long existing business that has been around for at least two decades already. It has established itself as the Mee Goreng stall using a traditional charcoal stove fire. As per the name, it is owned by Hussain, who is usually behind the stove; and now after twenty years his son Tahir has taken over his legacy. Another factor that made customers swarming back is that they speak the fluent Hokkien dialect which caters about 80% of the Penang population who visits his stall.

The Mee Goreng is one of the most-ordered dish where it is fried with full spirit together with potatoes, eggs, bean sprouts and some squids. It is then accompanied by half a piece of lime for acidity and sourness when serving. To add spice to the dish, sambal is put together when frying and as far as we know, Hussain grinds their own chili which makes them special above all other Mee Goreng stalls.

Another dish is the Mee Rebus. Though considered one of the famous dishes around, it is hard to have a good combination of gravy that is not too much neither too dry. Hussain has this covered by having their homemade gravy which enhances the fragrance of the dish while served with marinated curry squids, bean curds, potatoes, fried onions and slices of vegetables.

You might be surprised that after so long there are still people flocking to this stall for the two main dishes but truth be told, this version is considered the most classic and that is why it is always worth the wait. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

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