Penang is the home to food and all the cool things. Halfwake Café is one of the examples of that. Opened only for three days in a week, it still manages to get the attention of the public. 
It says a lot about the confidence of a café that only runs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The shop is located on the first floor that gives it the spacious interior and elevated grounds for some worthy views. The concept is a creative combination of elegant antiques and gritty industrial design. The result is the much exciting interior with peeled off, discoloured walls, interesting chandeliers, and sleek furniture. The café also has an outdoor seating for customers to enjoy a night out of cool breeze and worthwhile scenery.

The menu here is quite limited to only a number of options but each of the dishes were carefully thought of before being put in. A few notable menu mentions are the Pan-fried Smoked Duck with Mint Orange Sauce, Pork Medallion with Signature White Sauce, Whole Fillet Sea Bass, and the Panna Cotta. The menu mentioned is only from the main course selection and Halfwake have other options like salad, soup, beef food and pasta. The duck is served sliced with the orange sauce dressing and a side of salad while the pork has a hefty dose of their signature white sauce so the meat is filled with flavour. The duck meat is well cooked with a pink inside thus ensuring the soft tantalising feel.

Halfwake Café is more than just a hipster café with cool décor and good food. With an elevated stage within the compound, customers could enjoy the entertainment from local acts, depending on the day, while hanging out and having a good time. 

Operating Hour

Friday, Saturday

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