Sometimes, it is nice to have good food to help calm down those weekday blues. Penang is famous all around Asia for their reputation to provide extremely good tasting hawker food no matter where you go. Char kuey teow is among the favourites of locals because of its oily, “egg-y” texture and the noodles. Its signature dark brown colour and aromatic smell ensures a drooling session from many. That is just the tip of the iceberg for what you can expect from Penang’s hawker food and you can get them all here.

Situated along the iconic Gurney Drive, this hawker center is one place to come to satisfy all your cravings. Usually crowded, the place has a very noisy but surprisingly cosy ambience, as during the night, it is usually quite windy due to the fact it is next to the coast. However, put those worry aside as there is an abundance of tables and chairs scattered all over the place, so, waiting time is usually short or none, but, there is a potential for you to wait longer.

Parking is obviously going to be a hassle, so if you are planning to drive there then it may be a problem but you can counter this by either coming early or away from peak times. Being a hawker centre, there will be plenty of choices of food to choose from. Among those not to be missed out includes the char kuey teow, perfect when paired with some fried oysters with egg. Also, cendol and rojak would be a perfect Malaysian-style dessert after your meal.