Established in 2011, Golden Crust has come a long way since it first opened up its doors to the world in purveying scrumptious pastries to the masses, taking the culinary world by storm. To date, Golden Crust has now more than a dozen sweet and savoury pastries tucked under its belt. 

Single-handedly churning out freshly baked pies and quiches that comes in various flavors and fillings, Golden Crust has manage to win the hearts of pastry aficionados, lovers and critics alike. In terms of its arsenal of savoury pies, the pastry bakery-cum-kiosk has namely minced beef pie, chicken and leek pie, pepper steak pie, steak and mushroom pie, chicken and mushroom pie and last but not least, their signature cottage pie, which comprises of meat, green peas, corn, carrots, infusion of fresh herbs accompanied by a layer of creamy rich mashed potatoes. As for quiches, the choices include smoked salmon variety and chicken with spinach variety.

Set deals are also available, where inclusive of the main pies or quiches, patrons get to choose between having salads or a bag of Lays potato chips as well as a drink of choice to go along with the pastries. 

Of course, for those who are not into the savoury kinds, a sweet alternative is available to the masses as well. From fruity apple pies (classic) to chocolate strawberry tarts to even unique flavours like raspberry walnut pies, there is sure to be something for everyone. 

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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