Goh Thew Chik Chicken Rice Georgetown

Hainanese style chicken rice stalls and restaurants are never short on its list especially in Penang where Hainanese chicken rice is always at high demand. For many Penangites and even folks at other part of Malaysia must have had heard of Goh Thew Chik famous chicken rice that has been around for generations and perhaps few generations more to come. This hidden gem is tucked in between the old row of shops along Lebuh Chulia Georgetown where histories are made and legacies are built. One standard size shop is all Goh Thew Chik Restaurant needs to cater throngs of people coming in and out daily of which at this rate it is more than wise to be there during non-peak to secure yourself a seat.

Lunch hour is almost formidable to secure a place but even so patrons are never to be blamed considering that Goh Thew Chik’s chicken rice is priced at reasonable price – definitely back for a buck. The main attraction of this restaurant is not put forth as a fancy one but its simple Hainanese Chicken Rice that is brimmed with fragrance of herbs, and succulent texture that is enough to make one go gaga over is simply impossible to say no to. Whether it be steamed or roasted, every bite taken off the perfectly sliced chicken will be filled with juiciness of the meat yet still the crustiness maintains. Sides to complement the dish are heartthrob and not many places offer for such, such as intestines, gizzard, as well as liver. In short, this gem of Goh Thew Chik cannot be missed. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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