Gia Xiang Steamboat Restaurant Butterworth

It is not often one finds a steamboat restaurant with a few other branches. This probably can mean they are doing quite well. Well, to do well, the food must be quite good right? Not all the time, probably the legacy and tradition plays a role as well. Whatever it is, steamboats are enjoyed by many because of the fact that one can cook the items that they ordered in a pot of soup they like with a bunch of family members or friends.

Situated in Butterworth, or more specifically, Butterworth Business City Centre, this steamboat restaurant has a few other branches but they all have one thing in common, the love of serving the best out there to customers. Anyway, the love extends to the design aesthetics of the lot. It features a classic design but modern touch. In short, think about an old - fashioned exterior design with a slight touch of recentness indoors. Each table gets its own stove for the pot of soup to remain piping hot as more and more ingredients are added in.

This is another attribute about eating steamboat, the taste of the broth varies from table to table as the different ingredients boiled at different times brings out the broth’s uniqueness in flavour. While here, do try out their Chicken Herbal Soup. It is a broth made of chicken and a rich amount of traditional herbs. For the fans of spicy food, their Spicy Crab and Spicy Boiled Fish is worth a go. Others that are worth the try includes the Duck Hot Pot, Dried Pan Frog and Fish Head with Taro Pot.