Sporting a rather classy outlook in terms of its storefront, Five27 Cafe sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the age-old colonial buildings hailing from the times of Francis Light. In a good way, of course. In essence, Five27 cafe brings about a whole new concept to culinary dining; offering All Day Dining as well as watering hole, bar and night club during the later part of the day.

The ambience during the day is generally well lit, made possible by the many windows that help line up the walls while the night scene is riddled with lights and soul-moving jazz music, courtesy of the live jazz band that plays every other night. Decoration of the cafe largely comprise of elements entailing a rustic nature, giving the cafe rather unique look.

Menu wise, the place has no fixed theme in a sense that they cater to all forms of culinary good eats, albeit primarily from Western to Asian derived cuisines along with an added flair of their own. For starters, Five27's more celebrated appetiser comes in the form of Japanese Tuna Tataki salad hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun. Using pan-seared fresh tuna rolled in sesame seeds with mixed salad leaves, French beans, pearl shallots and boiled egg in a Japanese style ponzu dressing, this particular dish is sure to help pave way for the bigger meals to come. For lighter bites, opt for their rendition of Mexican nachos, known better as the notorious Loaded Nachos.

Main course wise, you'll have quite a decadent few to choose from. To begin with, if you're partial to fish, perhaps opt for their briny pan-seared fish -more specifically salmon; which is brimming with nutrients and taste. Considering the main focus lies on the fish itself, a simple glaze consisting of honey and dill is used as the sauce so as to not entirely overpowering the relative saltiness of the salmon. Or perhaps you're are in favour of lamb? If so, their lamb shank -tenderly braised to fall-apart consistency; or lamb chop, lathered with mojo-rojo sauce, and accompanied by creamed potato, artichoke and citrus apple salad would be the perfect dish for you. Of course, with an extensive menu, other variations of chops as well as pastas are available here as well.

To finish off your dining experience here, be sure to grab yourself a dessert -any dessert, for that matter; off their menu. Sweet and delightful, you are in for a culinary equivalent of pampering yourself, so be sure to make your way there as soon as possible.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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