Any Penangites, or any chicken rice lover for that matter, would have heard Fatty Loh Chicken Rice situated in Georgetown, Penang. Fatty Loh Chicken Rice is a famous name among the people of Penang and across Malaysia, and as Penang itself is a tourist trap, the name perhaps has travelled far across the globe where the stories of its delicious dishes are told from one generation to another. The name is no stranger to some of us and even the seasoned ones are well aware of the nostalgic name considering that Fatty Loh’s famous chicken rice has been around since 1969 as the brainchild of Mr Loh Hwa Heng, whereby after his passing the chicken rice stalls remains under the care of his son and grandsons. Until today, Mr Loh grandsons, also known as the third generation Fatty Loh, is manning the Fatty Loh Chicken Rice situated in Fetter Park.

Growing up parallel to this restaurant’s timeline, one must be aware of the improvements of its location from a small stall in Jalan Tanjong Tokong to its further expansion in Jalan Tanjung Bungah and now steadily shifted to Fetter Park where it all began – definitely a brilliant move made where a much spacious space can cater for the lots who would want to get their hands on some of Fatty Loh’s chicken rice. From one generation to another, the authenticity of Fatty Loh’s original recipe of chicken rice not a bit out of the line from the one dated back in the 70’s. With a plate of moist and fluffy rice brimming with herbs to be paired with Fatty Loh’s signature roasted chicken that is always done to perfection, it is a no wonder Fatty Loh Chicken Rice is considered the best among the best. 

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