Eld's 22 Pasta and Grill George Town

Among the eateries found in Gurney Paragon, this place will have its very own attractive feature. With walls decorated with retro posters that we suspect to be collector’s items, Eld’s 22 Pasta & Grill offers interesting fare to both locals and tourists.

Though their name specified pasta and grill, it is because Eld’s 22 offers a wide range of Western food with a piece of chicken or fish served together with a rather reasonable amount of noodles. That factor itself makes Eld’s 22 different than most Western fare restaurants. The presentation of their dishes can be quite interesting with different combinations of colours due to their selection of sides in one dish. Nonetheless, the types of vegetables may be somewhat out of the ordinary but still complements the selected dish well. Their menus are very clearly illustrated together with descriptions that will really help you choose the suitable meal for the day.

For a more relatable experience, the place has a dinner set menu with sensible dishes with even more adequate prices. Choose between the given choices of main course from poultry to fish and when you see the portion served, you can be very sure that it is worth your money. It also comes with the Creamy Tomato Soup, refreshing Citrus Grapefruit Punch and Pineapple Volcano as your dessert. Though they might not offer any other choices, but rest assured the combinations match each other just right.

Different pasta dishes have the choice of either fish or chicken which the latter will be slightly cheaper than the former.