Right in the heart of Penang’s prize heritage; Georgetown has been the jewel city that has treasured a vast array of good old local food. One that has boasts its presence in Armenian Street is Edelweiss Café. It is possibly the one and only Swiss/German/Local restaurant in the whole of Penang. Located next to Cheah Kongsi this café has sprouted for many years and has kept its authentic dishes the same throughout.


The restaurant occupies a post-colonial war building which brings out the authenticity of the café. The building is coloured in pale yellow and white. The sign is quite small but I’m sure you won't be able to miss the yellow and white painted building. There are a few large potted plants placed in front as a décor. The interior is nothing like the ordinary. A wooden bar is on one side of the café. The décor is switched up with a mix of European and local design. The round wooden tables and chairs give a local setting while the large antique clock, pictures and another furniture give a European panache to it.


Edelweiss serves Swiss, German and local cuisine. There are a few European popular dishes such as bratwurst sausage, grilled salmon and pasta. Local dishes such as chicken curry and curry pork sausage with salad. Some of the dishes are a mixed fusion of local and western spicing up the dishes. Aside from the dishes, they serve a variety of imported beers and cocktails. The Edelweiss Whisky sour will surely quench your thirst in this humid weather. Also, if you’re in for dessert give the housemade Apple Flan where its freshly baked from the oven.