As open-aired food courts go, the Sungai Pinang Food Court brings many patrons to the area because of the amount of food stalls with the large variety of Penang food available to be consumed. If you are heading there, make sure you have this stall in mind: East Coast BBQ. They have the renowned grilled fish and other freshly barbecued seafood.


Seafood enthusiasts will find this place alluring because of their various selections of fish, shellfish and squids. The main delicacy here is the grilled fish, where it is perfectly grilled to a very crispy texture after marinated with different kinds of tasty sauces. Topped with a very slim layer of chili paste, the fish is then served with another small plate of homemade sour sauce and onions. You will get a very delectable strip of fish which tastes spicy and together with the sour flavour from the sauce.


Another choice of seafood that can be added to the meal is a plate of grilled scallops or squid which is cooked with enough garlic and onions for the slightly spicy but very tasty paste. The amount that is served is enough to be consumed by at least 2 individuals or for those whom have come in a group, it is also worth the expenditure. 

 East Coast BBQ also offers grilled vegetables like the eggplants or long beans for more accompaniment to your main courses. The eggplant is also inclusive with garlics and spring onions whereas the spicy grilled long beans are served on skewers. They are juicy when being bite into and at the same time, the grilled texture makes them crunchy and chewable.