Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat (炎发火炭炉) George Town

Sometimes in life, it is necessary to treat yourselves and probably even those close around you to a good meal that revolves around boiling your food in soup. Not many have it on a regular basis but it remains a favourite among Malaysians. Let’s face it, not many have steamboat on a regular basis. Usually it caters for the birthday celebrations, family and friends get together, or maybe even wedding celebrations out there.

Nestled in George Town or more specifically, Batu Lanchang, this restaurant is what many will see as a typical steamboat restaurant, with a twist though, instead of using cooking gas, it uses a more classic method, charcoal to cook and boil your soup and food. The benefit of this compared the more popular cooking gas is the fact that the charcoal adds a more original flavour to the soup, by slowly extracting the flavour of whatever it is you put in.

Service here is quite acceptable as well. The friendly and helpful staff is always on standby, ready to pounce at the point of call to cater all your need. By making sure that your pot never dries up, it gives you an unlimited time to cook and enjoy – all the way till you’re full, that is. While here, one have to give a go to their very popular Heavenly Balls and Hock Chew Meat balls. They are homemade and taste with as much love as it was made. Their pork slice roll and pork chicken balls also are homemade and worth a go. The fish fillets and homemade fish noodle as well as the fresh garoupa fish head is worth a go.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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