Double Exposure Café is a hidden gem located inside the very popular Penang Camera Museum. Nestled at the last section of the museum, this humble little café is a place where visitors can sit and relax after a 30-minute walkabout around the building. The space is nicely designed with a simple wooden setting that can cater a quite small group of customers. Hints of camera influences can also be seen in their food presentation including chocolate camera cupcakes and camera lens mug.


Up until today, their menu is only limited to cupcakes, cake, desserts, and some light brunch munchies. Lots of cakes selections can be spotted at the glass display counter waiting to be chosen by you. From rainbow cakes, to crepe cakes, patrons would not have any problem in choosing their favourite cakes of the day. If you are more of a crepe person, you can go for their Green Tea Crepe Cake. In each bite you will taste the smooth spread of vanilla cream between the crepe layers and a hint of green tea flavour.


However, if you prefer something that is full of flavours, Hummingbird Cake would be perfect for you. It consists of a combination of carrot, banana, and nuts with a nice moist texture. The cake also comes with a scoop of ice cream on the side. As for beverages, there are quite good selections on the menu. From a good cup of coffee to a glass of fresh juice, there is always something for everyone. So, if you are playing tourist around Lebuh Muntri and decided to explore the very unique Camera Museum, don’t forget to make a detour to Double Exposure Café for a cuppa!

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