Ding Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat Buffet George Town

Happen to be a person who enjoy eating their food with good soup? Well then steamboats can be added to that list of yours. Traditionally, the ingredients – fish balls, vegetables, meat slices etc. is cooked in a pot of boiling soup. All the varying ingredients adds a unique flavour to that pot of soup which makes each pot different in flavour compared to others around you. Usually eaten with people – family or friends, steamboats are a great way to get closer to one another.

Situated in George Town, or more specifically, the ever so popular, Straits Quay, this steamboat restaurant is not what many think of it as it is. For instance, the décor of the place is not your typical steamboat restaurant you find by the street. It resembles a premium level Chinese restaurant typically used for wedding celebrations. The interior feels dim but it actually is not. Bright enough lighting surrounds the place to give customers the perfect dining experience. Service wise, the place is manned by friendly and helpful staff who responds relatively fast to your calls.

Ingredients ordered are served in plastic containers to maintain a level of hygiene. Each table has its own stove and some big tables even have two stove, to minimize hassling about while eating. While here, it is recommended to give their crabs a go, it is as fresh as it can be and can be cooked by you as well. Not forgetting, BBQ is also available here, so all the BBQ fans and steamboat fans can come together and dine as one. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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