Dicken Street Cafe is nestled among the shop lots in the bustling roads of Georgetown. It is named after the street it is situated at, with the main door facing the side entrance of the main police station in Penang. Do note that the shop can be quite hard to find due to its lack of signboard. Do not be fooled by its humble and unassuming facet though, as it serves extremely delectable Italian Food.

The interior of the restaurant is quaint and cosy, with little wooden tables and couches with cushions. A black and white checkered wall adds to the Italian theme while the walls are plastered with tasteful wall stickers and little trinkets such as post it notes and postcards. The staffs are also hospitable and friendly.

Do sample their Tomato Seafood Risotto which is topped with various fresh seafood such as squid, clams, shrimps and a mussel. The sweetness of the seafood complements well with the sour taste of the sauce. The Linguine Carbonara is also a good choice, consisting of creamy cheese sauce and laden with button mushrooms, bacon and baby asparagus. A generous amount of cheese powder and some freshly ground black pepper are sprinkled on top to add to the flavour of the smokey bacon. They offer a selection of pizza, and the Spinacia with Blue Cheese Pizza is a must try. The crust is thin and crispy, baked with a thick layer of cheese. It is then topped with crunchy spinach and blue cheese.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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