Chulia Street Wantan Mee Georgetown

Based along one of Penang island's best nocturnal food galore, the famous Chulia Street of Georgetown, is a humble little stall selling one of the street's most celebrated dishes: the wantan mee. Operated by a mother-and-son(s)-team, this particular stall churns out delicious wantan noodles like there is no tomorrow. Why? Because there's an entire line of patrons waiting to have a shot at their wantan mee, that's why. Yes, they are THAT good.

At any rate, for potential patrons with the intention of dining in, be sure to make your search for a empty table the top priority. And once you do manage to find one, proceed to ordering your noodles. With the two, more crucial task out of the way: table hunting and order securing done; rest assured, your food will come shortly after. 

In terms of the wantan noodles sold here in Chulia Street, many patrons would agree that the noodles are one of the best when it comes to the texture, if not the overall taste. Springy and chewy, like how perfect wantan noodles ought to be, the culinary delight is then coated with savory dark soy sauce for its signature look. Garnished with bits of fragrant deep-fried pork lard, along with slices of Char Siew (Chinese equivalent of the Western barbequed pork), and meat-filled wantans, the dish is simply irresistible to behold. The presence of the pickled green chillies only help compliment the dish further.

Also note worthy is that fact that they accommodate a soupy version of wantan mee as well. The difference lies in the substitution of the slick dark sauce base for a clear, sweet broth. 

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