If you ever found yourself planning a vacation to Penang, the Pearl of the Orient, make it a point to head down to Lebuh Chulia, particularly after dusk for a food adventure that will stick around in your memory for months if not years to come, or at least until you next trip back in Penang.

In essence, during the day, the rowdy bustling of the streets are predominantly derived from the various shops and vendors hustling their fares and goods to local and tourists alike. But come night time, with the retirement of the daylight workers back into the relative comforts of their respective dwellings, a new kind of scene emerges from the shadows. A scene riddled with festive lights and frankly, tantalising good eats.

For as long as the eyes can see, food stall vendors set up makeshift booths with rows upon rows of table sprawled across the asphalt. Potential patrons and food enthusiasts alike will pay homage to their preferred food stall, feasting upon various forms of culinary delights ranging from Wantan Mee, curry mee, Chinese spring-rolls (popiah), satay, lobak, Char Kuey Teow as well as sweet desserts such as Lin Chee Kang and red-bean soup, to name the popular few.

Suffice to say, you will be spoilt for choices as you walk along the road and chances are that you will have to double back for stall you might have missed. Despite that, if you're a person who lives to eat. you're bound to have a good time prowling along Lebuh Chulia, in search for good eats. 

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