Easily missed due to its location outside the Gurney Paragon mall, Chocolate Passion can be spotted on the level 6 overlooking the seafront of gurney. It is such a heavenly place for all the chocolate lovers that offers not only delicious chocolates desserts, but also a beautiful and nice setting with tall glass windows which serves as the perfect medium of natural light for good photography. Depending on your luck, the place can be either calm and relaxing or packed with high noise level at times.


Walking into the glass doors, you will be able to see all kinds of chocolates, truffles, and pralines presented in the refrigerated bakery display case. Since it is a self-service café, the concept is pretty straightforward and simple – choose where to sit, place your orders at the counter, and wait for your chocolate goodness to arrive. One of the things that makes this place a hit is the very popular Chocolate Bomb. Your dish will be served to you with kiwis, strawberries and biscuit crumbs. Then, you will be given a small pot of melted chocolate to be poured on the chocolate ball. The hot chocolate will melt the surface of the ball and revealed a creamy vanilla ice cream inside. Yummy!


Another crowds’ favourite is the Passion’s Signature Pizza. With almond chunks, marshmallow, sliced bananas, and peanuts as toppings, and chocolate sauce and caramel drizzled on top, this one will definitely increases your waist size one to two inches.  Do check out their cookies and fondue too! So, if you are looking for a place to satisfy your chocolate cravings along with a nice romantic ambience, you should consider dropping by the chocolate expert, Chocolate Passion.