The joys of finding food in Penang even consists of walking in a common marketplace. In the morning, the normal bustling of the residents doing their morning grocery shopping but by noon, the place is a renowned food center. Featuring about ten stalls and more, the Batu Lancang Market is a go-to place from the duration of lunch up to tea time.

You can never find a place to sit because not only do the working humans from the offices located opposite the market come for their lunch break but a few Penangites as well. Nevertheless, there is always the drink lady who works as a ‘part-time chaperone’ that will enquire if you ever needed a place to sit and how many company you are with. Try not to ignore her because she means well?

The food there is affordable and the location is never too far away; plus there is ample parking space. You are able to get most of the local street food there for a heavier meal like curry mee, mee rebus, economy rice or even chicken rice.

Tea time is always a hassle when you just want something to snack on but not too much to become a meal on its own. But, the Batu Lancang Market always has the solution with their availability of choices like the Nyonya Kuih, some handmade Popiah, maybe a plate of Mee Goreng or even the Pasembur.

You can order a bowl of Ice Kacang to quench your thirst after a long walk if you do not feel like having any other drinks. It may not be the best you have tasted but then again, it is always a better version than anywhere else; as long as it has enough toppings.

Take a walk around the whole marketplace to see what else suits that picky palate of yours because there is sure something to satisfy it. 

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