Bangkok Tomyam is a Thai restaurant in Bayan Lepas known to serve delectable Thai influenced Malay cuisine and some western ones. Generally, it is known that the closer a Thai establishment to its native country, chances are the food are more authentic according to the lovable Thai tastes.

Bangkok Tomyam may be a Malay restaurant, but it is one of those that have gotten much attention for the food that comes out of their kitchen. With an open air concept the interior is kept simple with minimal décor and furniture. Focusing more on food quality, during hotter seasons, it is best to keep your clothing light as the only source of cool are from the ceiling fans.

Bangkok Tomyam works in the same way as any Malay Thai restaurant; dishes are mostly seafood, usually eaten with white rice and a bunch of side dishes, and some other selection to interest as many individual palates. However, one of the things Bangkok Tomyam is known for is their set menu, catering to different amount of people in a group that would ease one’s burden to decide on what to order. Set menu differs from one another by the number of dishes offered as well as the amount of each dish, meaning set catered to more people would have a bigger serving.

Some of the usual dishes include Tom Yam Campur, Fish and seafood like Squid and Prawns cooked in various styles, Turmeric Fried Chicken, Malay style Omelette, and usual vegetables like Fried Kale with Salted Fish and Water Spinach in Shrimp Paste. The dishes here are quite generously portioned with strong flavours. The Thai Mango Salad is also a must try. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

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