Aunty Anne True Penang Cuisine George Town

Aunty Anne’s passion for original authentic Penang Nyonya cuisine has never stopped her even at the age of 71. Her determination to carry on her love for cooking proves that culinary can stands for all ages be it young or old. Aunty Anne has preserved her style of Nyonya dishes without any shortcuts thus maintaining the flavours by her past experiences. Placed away in the corner of a shop house along Macalister Lane lies Aunty Anne True Penang Cuisine.


Due to the small occupancy of a small house shop with a pretty small sign placed above the entrance, you may be able to miss it if you’re driving too fast. The restaurant’s exterior is painted in a pleasant dark olive green that’s simply chic and fancy. A modern yet rustic like is styled very neatly. Only a few tables that are able to occupy. Due to Aunty Anne’s old age as well, she’s not able to cope with too many customers. Rest assured that the restaurant is fully air-conditioned so customers will be able to enjoy their meals in a cosy cooling and comfy setting. A few abstract paintings are hung on the walls as décor complete with old fashion style lights making the ambience relaxed and laid back.


The food menu serves authentic Penang Nyonya cuisine. Among her selection of popular dishes, try the Nyonya Laksa, Assam Laksa and Nasi Ulam are one of the popular dishes that’s frequently ordered. Apart from her popular dishes, also try the Nasi Lemak, steamed fish with sauce, otak-otak with rice. The Ju Hu Char and the Pai Tee can be ordered as a light appetiser or a side meal before your main meal. The lemongrass drink is pretty refreshing, however, this drink is meant for those have an acquired taste as some may not like its lemony odour.


To top it off, end your meal with a mouth-watering sweet desserts such as the green bean soup or the “Bee Koh Moy” a type of black glutinous rice soup served with coconut cream.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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