Aik Soon Tang Herbal Tea & Jelly Georgetown

Nestled in the premises of All Seasons Place of Bandar Baru Air Itam, Penang, Aik Soon Tang Herbal Tea & Jelly specialises in providing the masses with desserts and beverages that entail both flavours and health benefits. Employing their knowledge of the ancient Chinese medicine, Aik Soon Tang has created its own rendition of the healthy, cooling Gui Ling Gao (Herbal Tortoise Jelly) and also herbal teas.

On contrary to popular belief, the Gui Ling Gao has no relations whatsoever with tortoises, but has more to do with herbal plants exhibiting medicinal properties. In Aik Soon Tang, their rendition of the jelly comprises of two distinctly contrasting flavours, sweet and bitter -though more inclined to the bitter side of the spectrum due to the various herbal ingredients used in its making. And as far as their Gui Ling Gao is concerned, Aik Soon Tang seemed to make it a point to provide their customers with as many as seven different Gui Ling Gao variations, all with different medicinal properties. Aside from the original flavour, there are also a few variations that includes infusion of ginseng, while one contains essence of oyster pearls grounded into fine powder and also another with mint extract, enhancing the cooling sensation of the already cooling dessert. Longan flavoured version is also available here.

Not to be outdone by the Gui Ling Gaos, the herbal teas of Aik Soon Tang are also quite the bomb. With a selection of three distinct teas with each their own flavourful flare and medicinal property, patrons can opt to either drink them on the spot, hot or cold, or opt for takeaways where bottles of the teas are prepacked and stored beforehand.