388 Chicken Recipe @ Kafe Hing Long Georgetown

388 Chicken Recipe stall is a hidden gem located in Kafe Hing Long, a coffee shop neighbouring the Gembira Parade. The owner of this humble stall, Mr. Lee, used to operate his stall at Jalan Hutton before moving to this new venue. Even though the joint only specializes in chicken rice, but  it is not like the usual chicken rice. This one uses ‘bearded chicken’. The unique chicken breed has brownish feathers, yellowish meat, and have a bushy neck which resembles fully-grown beard. So what makes this type of chicken special? Since the chicken are farmed in free range, they have more muscular built. Hence, the meat is much more solid and firm. The taste is also much more flavoursome compared to regular chicken.


Besides the famous chicken, they are also known for serving innovative side dishes which are slowly introduced after several attempts. If you are lucky, you will be able to try the Black Pepper Smoked Duck that is served in fine slices. What makes 388 Chicken Recipe's smoked duck special from other competitors? The grilling method that involves olive oil and black pepper resulting in aromatic, spicy and not too greasy meat. You know how the typical chicken rice stall only serve a few slices of cucumber on the side? Well, not for this one. Here, the chicken rice is serve alongside a salad of grilled cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, chopped spring onions and shredded cabbage over a lettuce leaf. What a great value of money!


The sauces are also delectable with the combination of chili peppers, parsley, onions, lemon leaves, soy sauce, and lime juice - very refreshing and goes very well with the entire dish. For a great quality of chicken rice that gives you a good money value, 388 Chicken Recipe is highly recommended. 

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