Another famous Indian restaurant in Kuantan would be Alif Curry House. The restaurant has friendly servers and a clean and comfortable environment for its customers to dine in. Locals usually opt for the Banana Leaf Rice, which comes with three side dishes that can vary depending on the chef.

If you're lucky, you get to eat the fried bitter gourd, one of the Banana Leaf Rice's side dish. The fried bitter gourd is crispy and savory, and this is something that many Indian restaurants, as their fried bitter gourds are usually either soggy, or bland.

Another favorite of the people is the fish curry which is thick and best eaten with white rice. Many like to have their Banana Leaf Rice with fish curry all over it, which almost make it seem like having rice in curry soup. This way the rice is so much more delicious and they get to enjoy every bit of the fish curry. The restaurant is also famous for the fried spiced mackerel and curry mutton, so there's no doubt that this is a place of various good Indian food.