Do you have the need to have some seafood? If you are in the Seremban vicinity, Seremban Seafood Village is a must visit. It is known for its deliciously cooked dishes, specifically, it's Grilled / Baked Crab that is extremely known among the community.

Seremban Seafood Village is a strategically located restaurant in Seremban, located in the town of Seremban which is the heart of the city. It is located on a stretch of restaurants, but easily identifiable with its unique entrance which has a flight of staircase leading you to the dining area. There is no designated parking space on location, so people are required to search for a parking spot around the area. The surrounding road is not the smoothest, so you may need to be careful while walking to the location to avoid any injuries.

It is a Chinese style seafood restaurant, which serves you with a variety of dishes, from crabs to mantis prawn or vegetable. There is a mix of opinions on the restaurant from the customers, with some errors in reservation and quality of the ingredients at times. While some find the quality sufficient, others say that the dishes aren’t up to standard or the best.

The Baked / Grilled Crab is a must try at least once, due to its unique flavours but another flavour that can be tried is the Salted Egg Crab. The wait for other dishes tend to be quite long, up to 2 hours when the restaurant but the wait for the crab takes only an average of half an hour but it is worth the wait.

Their Wantan Noodles with minced meat is a must try if noodles are ordered, with its delicious flavour. The prawns and clams are found to be quite delicious, but some find the mantis prawn and Lala mihun average tasting.

The restaurant is able to seat and serve a higher number of people at a time due to the size of their tables, and the wait between ordering and serving is quite sufficient. The staff tend to be very friendly and tentative to their customers, and people are able to enquire recommendations on the flavours and dishes to be had.

Do treat yourself to the delicious, fresh crab once in a while and experience the wonderful flavours. Try a different flavour each time you visit and experience a new sensation each time.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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