Are you looking for a traditional Chinese-style seafood meal? S2 Wong Seafood is the place for you! S2 Wong serves its customer's deliciously cooked Chinese dishes that vary from fish to scallops and chicken that contain plenty of flavours to be savoured.

S2 Wong is located near the neighbourhood of Garden Homes in the heart of Seremban 2, on the corner of a section of shop lots. The restaurant is very spacious due to the location of the restaurant, making it have the space of three shops. It is very noticeable due to its signboard design and colours.

Their stirfry dishes are known among the community, for being deliciously flavoured. They provide a variety of different dishes to be selected from by customers. Their seafood dishes vary from Mantis Prawns to crabs and scallop.

The staff are very friendly and fast to attend to the customers, and they make sure to recommend the best flavours and pairing for each dish. Ask the staff for their recommendation on flavours for each dish, and make sure to choose a variety of styles and flavour to try, to ensure getting the full experience.

Some of the must-tries for dishes are the dry chilli mantis prawn, butter chicken and their vegetable curry, steamed fish, stir fry vegetable and mee hoon. They also provide a variety of drinks, including herbal tea, Barley, soft drinks and others.

If you have the need to have homemade-style seafood dishes, S2 Wong is the place to try them out. The dishes are freshly cooked and flavoured deliciously.