If you have the need to unique and delicious seafood with different styles that differ from other seafood restaurants, Empayar Seremban Siew Pau is a must visit for you. The dishes vary from normal dishes to unique ones, but they are all worth the try and price.

Empayar Seremban Siew Pau is located at the border of Seremban, where it is visible from the Seremban highway. It has the structure of a huge building and contains 3 different sections to it on the ground floor, the fish tanks, the restaurant and the shop. It is a strategic location because it is in the view of drivers, which will allow them to notice it and want to try it.

The Siew Pau business is mainly located on the ground floor of the building, facing the highway. The entrance of the building is where the restaurant is located. Further in, the shop is located on the top of a short flight of stairs and in the view of the main entrance.

To the left, back end of the ground floor is the fish tanks containing the live ingredients, which provide the fresh food used in the dishes. There is a large area filled with the tanks which are accessible by customers to visit and experience. The quality of the ingredients relies on the freshness of the ingredients used, which make the dish.

While the main attraction for the business is the shop, where the famous Siew Pau is located. The Siew Pau is what got Seremban known and famous among the community of Malaysia for its delicious flavours and freshness. The exterior is crispy due to it being freshly baked on location and its crust.

Seremban Siew Pau is also known for its restaurant section and their dishes. Some of the most known dishes include the Salted Baked Chicken, their salted prawn dishes, butter prawn/chicken, chili crab and clam soup. They are extremely known in the community for their unique flavours and cooking style.

The Salted Baked Chicken is a unique dish that isn’t commonly found in restaurants and unique for its flavours. Whole chickens are served to the customers, so a large number of diners can be served with only a serving.

Another famous dish is their prawn and crab dishes, known for their flavours and portions. The crab dish is flavoured beautifully and it is extremely meaty so it is worth the price paid. The prawns are served in a variety of styles, varying from soup to stirfry and chilli. The different flavours allow people to experience different styles of prawn in delicious ways.

It is found that many people come to Seremban to try the dishes served by the restaurant and also to try the Siew Pau sold in the shop. It is found that many people are impressed by the meals they have had and return for the dishes again or sometimes bring visitors to the restaurant.

The prices of the dishes and the Siew Pau is found to be quite attractive and decent for its quality and size. ourism buses tend to bring their tourists to the location to allow them to experience the dishes and unique flavours. Tourism buses fill the front of the restaurant, parked in the parking spots while the tourists are eating.

Empayar Siew Pau is a location that you definitely need to try if you are in Seremban, so do enjoy it when on location.

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