D’Bangkok Wok is a Thai restaurant that serves good seafood dishes among other things. It is a well-known restaurant among the Seremban community, for its unique dishes. It is located in an area called Uptown Avenue, where other businesses surround it, including restaurants, shops and cafes, which make them more populated.

Some of the speciality dishes include their chicken/seafood green curry, fried Kang Kung, and seafood tom yam. They are like any other Thai food but their seafood dishes are delicious and worth the try and the price.

It is found that some people prefer going for meals there in groups and sharing the dishes. The portions are fairly big for the recommended portion per pax, which allows customers to enjoy it more. The vegetables and other dishes that are served are great tasting and cooked beautifully.

The drink options on the menu are clear on the content and a fair amount of ingredients are used, and each amount is just right to create the perfect drink. They have an assortment of hot and cold drinks for customers to try.

D’Bangkok is the place for you if you would like to try a Malaysian-Thai cuisine for a good price. Enjoy!!!