Restaurant Bayu Village is a hidden gem of Seremban, located in the town and heart of Seremban. It is located in Paroi, where it is surrounded by residential areas which are ideal for a business.

The restaurant has a “kampung-style” building it is located in, with an open concept to it. The cookery is visible to their customers, for those who want to see the cooking of their meals. Customers are able to customize and select the preferred style of dish, and they are able to request and select the type of ingredients used.

It is found that the fish dishes, of any style, are some of the most popular dishes among the customers. Some of the most liked styles include the Nyonya fish, grilled fish, sweet & sour and steamed fish, the type of fish preferred can be selected from the options available.

The service is found to be sufficient and tends to satisfy the customers, but during peak time it is found that the wait time can take a long time but it is found to be worth the wait. It is found that a couple of customers are unsatisfied of the service and it may be inconsistent.

Some Customers are found to revisit the restaurant, bringing family and friends to experience the vicinity and try new dishes. An assortment of fishes are available for customers to choose from, buffet style on ice to keep the fishes fresh.

Another popular dish type among customers are the crab dishes for the meat contained in the crab. The flavours of the meal are there and customers are able to savour it to their heart’s content.

The dishes are found to vary in quality, but they can be worth the try for customers when the experience is satisfying, both service and food itself.

If you would like to try something new and have the chance to experience different styles of dishes and expand your horizon, especially if you are in town and don’t know where you would like to eat at.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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