Located inside a food court in Kota Laksamana, you’ll be sure to find a small shop lot next to the mamak selling braised duck noodles in Teowchew style. It is no doubt that many have tried one of its best dishes. If you’re tired of standing in line of the other famous restaurants in Melaka just to snag a good meal, this place would give serve you a good meal. What’s more, since this shop is squished together with other food shops, you’ll be spoiled with a plentiful of food choices.


 A large signboard is placed above the small shop called Teowchew Braised Druck written in mandarin. If you’re not too sure if it’s the correct restaurant, a couple of pictures of their dishes are put up for customers to view or just ask the anyone who’s working in the food court to direct you. The food court is sort of like an open space area with a big roof shielding the customers from the hot weather. Dozens of tables and chairs are placed. However, during peak hours, tables closest to the Teowchew Braised Duck stall may be taken up so you’ll have to find a place further away.


Their signature braised duck noodles is loved by many because of how it is prepared. Deriving from the Teowchews, the duck is specially braised in a dark gravy. Embedded with fresh noodles, sliced duck pieces topped with aromatic fried onions, scallions together with a bright red sauce for an extra zing to your taste buds. Complete your meal with a cooled ice kacang. Also take note that the shop accepts cash only.