SUYA Korean and Japanese Restaurant Melaka Raya

There is no such thing as too much Korean and Japanese food! At Suya, you can get more than just authentic twist of Korean and Japanese cuisine but also authentic Korean dining experience with Suya’s Korean-style table setting where patrons sit cross-legged on a platform instead of the usual chair. It does not stop there as patrons are further delighted with Korean-style interior creating a cosy vibe for you and your family and friends just like you are in Korea itself.

Lunch and dinner buffets are offered at only a mere price of RM25.50+ and RM28.50+ respectively along with further discounts for children and seniors as well as special prices for students. This two-storey buffet restaurant offers a variety of delectable items for what you would normally find at a shabu-shabu joint as well as other unique Korean dishes such as Korean Haemul Pajeon, Korea BBQ Pork, Kimchi and more. 

Other than Korean dishes, a taste of Japanese shines through too. With an abundant variety of sushi to choose from, sushi lovers will truly appreciate fresh delicious sushi. Unlimited servings of lamb, beef, chicken and pork along with vegetables are served for your shabu-shabu adventure as well. While enjoying all these Korean and Japanese treats, save some space for desserts!

Desserts are kept simple and refreshing for any taste buds with a variety of fresh fruits such as watermelon and honeydew as well as ice cream that comes in a variant of flavours!