Never would I have thought that you can get a healthy and vegan food that is still scrumptious and tasty. Well this is where you can get yourself a filling meal of Indian food that is vegetarian. To top that, they even offer massage services just right next door. Not only can you relax and destress but also enjoy a delicious healthy meal.

For a real healthy meal, you can replace rice with millet which taste as good as regular rice. They even have cottage cheese to replace fish and it taste somehow the same. You will love their wholegrain chapati with the sauce dips. Wholegrain chapati makes it more easier to digest and is also filling. 

Every Indian food famous dish would be the banana leaf rice, even though they do not have meat, all those dishes on a banana leaf rice is replaced with their own special side dishes such as their broccoli and tofu sambal. 

Remember to eat it with hands, do it the traditional way and you can taste the true taste of Indian food.

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