Shyieda Gateaux Homemade Melaka

Whether it’s a chocolate shaped high-heeled shoe, a yellow minion, leggo blocks or a classic cupcake themed for a baby shower Shyieda Gateaux Homemade can do that and much more for your personal customised designer cake. This cake house is not your typical bakery. It is an e-bakery business; hence customers are to place their orders online.


According to Shyieda Gateaux Homemade, your orders can be done via call or WhatsApp. You are required to give them the specifics of how you would want your cake to be designed. Once the design is created, they will quote you a price. The price may be negotiable. Take note that orders for big events (eg. Parties, weddings, product launch, etc) a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event date. Be sure to check orders and ensure that the flavour and design are correct.


Some of the popular cake designs are the yellow minion chiffon cake, high heeled shoe shaped chocolate, fire engine cake, cupcake themed cakes (baby showers, birthdays, etc). Some of the designs are created by the baker but most are designed by the customers themselves. From small tiny cakes to 3-tier wedding cakes this bakery is able to grant your very request. Aside from the ravishing colourful cakes, the baker does simple square-shaped or round cakes as well for those who are not into fancying their cakes.


What’s more, is that they can deliver the cakes right to your doorstep. Take note that all cake orders 50% deposit/full payment of the total amount are non-refundable. The payment can be made through bank transfer/cash. The final payment for the cake orders can be made when the cake is delivered or collected. If you find that your order is wrong do not hesitate and quickly give a call to amend the mistake.