Malacca has been a part of the tastiest local delicacies in the whole Peninsular Malaysia. If you’re in for trying something other than the famous ordinary dishes in Malacca. Seri Muara Alai Nasir Ikan Bakar is one to definitely please your appetite. This particular Ikan Bakar restaurant is located near the Alai river. It just about a 15-20-minutes drive out of the city.  There are a couple of shops where the fishermen cook and sell the fishes they’ve caught.


The restaurant has ample space indoors and outdoors depending on customers’ preference. it is not air conditioned however the ventilation is not that bad because the restaurant is opened air and may be breezy at times. A large blue ‘Selamat Datang’ sign with the name of the restaurant below it is placed out front. The restaurant depicts a typical Malay ‘kampung' style.


The fish here is said to be very fresh because the fisherman catches the fish in the straights of Malacca. Customers move to the mini stall inside the restaurant to order their food. There is a variety of choices with different types of fish and seafood available. Once chosen, the food is grilled on a large grill pit. The fish is marinated with spices and sambal belacan then grilled to perfection. Aside from their famous Ikan Bakar, the Lala Masak Cili Api, grill stingray, grill kembong fish sambal and deep fried battered calamari are often ordered by customers especially locals.


At times, it may get hot especially the heat and smoke from the grill pit. It may be best to sit away from the grill pit if possible. Also, the restaurant may be packed by local villagers nearby so if you’re a touring around or living in the city, so take note that the restaurant gets crowded half hour after it opens.

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