Located opposite Hotel Sentral Melaka and along the Tun Sri Lantang dental clinic lies Seri Erra Roti John, a small eatery that specialises in roti John. The establishment has been known to most people as Puteri Erra Roti John since their earlier days in Medan Bunga Raya food court. It was during this time that the people behind what’s now called Seri Erra Roti John were attracting people from all over the country to enjoy their famous roti John.

At Seri Erra Roti John, the menu is as simple as it comes. Reason being, there are only two dishes to be had, namely the Roti John, and the Special Roti John. The ever famous roti John served here is comprised of a long bun similar to a French baguette which is halved into two pieces, coated with egg and butter, toasted until its really crispy yet soft on the inside, and a strong aroma of egg and butter is formed. This is in significant contrast to the commonly used hot dog bun that’s used for this delicacy. It is then served with lots of vegetables like cabbage and onions, fish flakes, as well as sauces such as thousand island and mayonnaise. The special version comes with more vegetables, fish flakes, and sauces; which come in handy for those looking to indulge in this dish just a bit more.


So if you’re looking to enjoy what is widely regarded as some of the best roti John in the state of Melaka, then head over to Seri Erra Roti John.

Operating Hour

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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