South Indian cuisine restaurant is never short on its list considering that Malaysians will always opt for one on a daily basis be it situated in Selangor, or even Kedah. However, a good South Indian cuisine place in Malacca requires a little drill since there are not that many, yet quite a number available around and among them sit Restoran Saravana along Jalan Bendahara Melaka. Restoran Saravana is known for its banana leaf dish and to boot, a vegetarian one – no doubt healthy! Nevertheless it is definitely caters for vegetarians who would want to get their banana leaf rice crave fix. However meats such as chicken and mutton are under Saravana’s offerings as well and no doubt considered as prize winners for instance the house’s famous mutton curry to top the banana leaf rice with varieties of vegetables sides surrounding it.

Apart from the banana leaf rice dishes that seem to sweep away the customers most of the time, Saravana’s selections of roti are a hit as well such as tosai masala and chapatti. Besides, the ever-beautifully made coconut candy that is of many colours is not to be missed as well. Sort of like the perfect mouth washer after a heavy set of delicious rice and assortment of chutneys. The look is enticing and sure enough the sweet taste of it will not disappoint. Restoran Saravanna tucked itself in the midst of an old row of shops where the signage that it bears is seemed to be seasoned quite well along with the next door shops. Nevertheless, patrons just cannot get enough of it. 

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