Sangkaya @ Dataran Pahlawan Melaka

If you’re ‘nuts about coconuts’ then look no further fellow Malaccans. Just head on over to Sangkaya at Dataran Pahlawan mall. There’s no doubt that this delicacy is such a gorgeous treat on a hot day. This delicacy originates from our neighbouring country, Thailand where many small ice cream stands can be found on the streets, street markets and other small stalls or shops in Bangkok. Sangkaya has opened up a new revenue of mainly focusing on coconut ice cream.


The Sangkaya outlet is tucked in the corner of the mall right opposite Starbucks. You can see the ‘Sangkaya’ sign glowing from afar so you definitely can’t miss it. The setting of the ice cream shop occupies a small area. The ice cream counter is set right up front so customers are able to choose their preferred ice cream. The interior is designed simply in different shades of wood and some stage-like lights as décor. A large TV screen is placed at the front as a digital menu for customers to get a better view. Refrigerators and freezers are stored at the back. The setting gives a familiar sense of most of the Sangkaya outlets in Malaysia because it is designed similarly at most areas.


Sangkaya only serves two types of ice cream. Firstly, their signature coconut ice cream where it is served either on a cone, in a bowl or in a coconut husk. The price varies depending on customers’ choice. The second flavour available is the ‘Cha Yen’ ice cream. There are up to 6 different types of toppings to choose from. Aside from the scrumptious ice cream, Sangkaya also serves nature’s miracle drink; the coconut water which is hydrating, nutrient-packed and stack with potassium giving oneself a boost of energy we all clearly need.