Sam Patissier is an establishment lead by Sam Pang, a pastry chef with working experience at Ritz-Carlton Singapore, who wanted to share his gift when it comes to dessert, with the public majority. What started as a shop in Plaza Mahkota Melaka has now turned into a home-based business as the owner Sam Pang decided to share his creation with the world in his own time. To others this might be seen as a downfall, but the business kept going through asks for catering services and customized orders. Now Sam Patissier focused on serving customers that called specifically and placing an order. Whether it’s for a formal event or just a celebration party, if you wish to serve delectable desserts, Sam Patissier is the place to call.

One of the things Sam Patissier is most famous for is its Macarons. Sam Pang went to a Macaron making training once and applies and recreates the recipe with his own take. Comes in multiple flavours, among them are Yuzu, Hazelnut Praline, Italy Balsamic Vinegar, and Chinese Oolong Tea, all of which is sure to liven up an event even more. After all it is Macaron is the number one dessert to have at any party for its flavour, texture and mobility. Other favourites from Sam are their array of cakes. With rich and moist feel to it, from Black Forest Cake to Chocolate Lava, Cheese Soufflé to Cappuccino Mousse; be prepared to have expectations blown away. Sam’s dessert is also available at Bites, an Asian fusion restaurant in Bandar Hilir, if you look into dining in to enjoy their dessert.






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