Roti John Tarik Maelambong Melaka

Melaka has always been famous for ‘improvising’ and making original food into something unique and most importantly delicious. If you are into Roti John, then this particular stall is for you. Known as Roti John Tarik Maelambong, this humble stall is not just a normal road side joint. Starting from 5pm, the stall will slowly be flooding with the local residents who wants to get their cheesy roti john fix. Yes, you read that right. They offer Roti John Tarik which means when you pull one piece of it, you will see all the melting and gooey cheesy goodness.


Here at Roti John Tarik Maelambong, you will get to choose between three different types of Roti John – Roti John Tarik MaeLambong Special Cheese Tarik, Roti John Cheesy, and Roti John Original Melaka. Once you have made up your mind on which delightful roti john to order, you will have to decide on the flavours which also consists of three choices – chicken, beef, and tuna. One last step, select your desire portion; Mini is preferable for one person, and Large is more suitable for two to four person depending on your appetite.


Not like any other regular joint, this one provides really good food quality by using only the finest and freshest ingredients. High quality mozzarella cheese, 100% minced beef and chicken, homemade cheesy sauce, and quality spices are used in the making of their signature menu items. However, despite the use of quality ingredients, they are still able to maintain an affordable price range to their customers. So if you are looking for some great cheesy roti john, whether to take away or having it on the spot, Roti John Tarik Maelambong certainly isn’t a bad choice at all.


Hang Tuah Mall, 75300, Melaka, Melaka


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Every day

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