Restoran Yung Lai Siang is a Chinese restaurant and coffee shop located at Jalan Thamby Abdullah. The restaurant is open exclusively for breakfast and lunch. As such, a massive crowd of customers who are eager to get their fix of affordable and delicious food can be found here on a daily basis. Speaking of the food here, there are a number of stalls customers can choose from to get a variety of dishes. That said, the two stalls that dominate the restaurant are most definitely the Nyonya laksa stall and prawn mee stall.

When it comes to the Nyonya laksa served here, the dish sticks to maintaining the authenticity and allure of this classic Peranakan dish, with one minor exception. On top of a satisfactory portion of mixed noodles (yellow mee, mihun and some koay teow) and a good amount of toppings such as prawns, cockles, cucumber, fish cake, a decent amount of prawn crackers are placed on top to provide some crunch and add more body to a soup that’s lighter than most other bowls of laksa.

As for the prawn mee, it shares many of the traits to the Nyonya laksa, with its addition of prawn crackers to match a slightly diluted soup base, as well as some prawns and fish cake. Even with that in mind, it still has that rich, spicy flavour one looks for in a bowl of prawn mee, including the addition of watercress leaves.


So if you’re looking for either a great bowl of Nyonya laksa or prawn mee (or both), Restoran Yung Lai Siang will not disappoint.