Wonderful Steamboat is a not-so-hidden gem that is situated in Kota Laksamana Malacca – a four minute driving journey from Malacca Chinatown where it pretty much houses a steamboat galore under one roof. With more than 80 varieties of steamboat edibles such as seafood balls, fresh seafood including prawns, cockles, crabs, and even cuts of fishes that are freshly shipped from the nearby Malacca’s Tanjung Sepat. However, the best feature of Wonderful Steamboat is its famous shabu-shabu hotpot dish with thinly sliced beef and pork that comes with it and is well known to be served the best by Wonderful Steamboat. The steamboat broth is of varieties for instance our Thai favourite of tom yam soup, baba nyonya curry, herbal soup, and many more.

 Like any other steamboat place, Wonderful Steamboat also provides a rather spacious space for customers to dine in with extensive amount of tables and chairs that stretches to almost at the roadside. Fortunately Wonderful Steamboat is of a corner lot of the shop row where the glowing red signage is evident to its passersby. The red packed decorations emits of a rather bright ambience alike of our familiar Chinese eatery place around the corner. During weekends the place will be packed with throngs of people coming in and out. Families and gathering of friends can be seen to fill in the seats most of the time, but who could blame them, steamboats are best to be shared anyway and Wonderful Steamboat offers exactly one of the best in Malacca.