Restoran Tengkera Duck Noodle Melaka

Duck noodles can sometimes be uncommon and only are found in certain areas. But, fret not because you are able to enjoy them right here in Melaka! Having their own humble coffee shop branched out from the main outlet at Jalan Tengkera, this place attracts more customers than you can count.

You can start by ordering your size of duck noodles available from small, medium to the big one which comes with the normal yellow noodles together with an abundance of duck meat and also a bowl of herbal soup. The duck meat served is always tender and many have said the taste is still preserved like the main branch back in Jalan Tengkera. The soup has a distinct herbal taste but it is tasty enough to suit everybody’s palate. The dry version of the dish will be covered in a nice amount of thick black sauce for taste and can be eaten together with chili. The soup version will be the noodles nicely covered in the herbal soup mixed together with the thick sauce.

Besides noodles, you can also have your duck meat accompanied by the kuey teow. There will be a generous amount of beansprouts layered all over as it is served to you. Some add-ons can be ordered together with your meal which includes the choices of braised egg, dried tofu and duck intestines.

Have your meal with a cup of black coffee freshly brewed to your delight and presented to you in antique coffee cups that you can only find in the olden coffee shops. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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