Restoran Nasi Kandar Subaidah is one of the many restaurants owned by the Subaidah Holdings group. The group started with their first restaurant (i.e. Restoran Nasi Kandar Subaidah) in 1998 in Penang and was able to grab the attention of many nasi kandar lovers in the state. Since then, the group and the restaurant have grown considerably, with there being numerous outlets for Restoran Nasi Kandar Subaidah being spread all over the country, in places like the Sunway area, Kota Damansara, Shah Alam, and a few others. The first instance of this expansion took place in Melaka in 2001.

As far as the food is concerned, it only natural to expect to find nasi kandar served here (it’s in their name after all). Beyond that, customers can expect to find similar dishes that they’re used to having at other Mamak restaurants like roti canai, thosai, murtabak, nasi goreng Pattaya, maggi goreng, and much more. Another item that makes Restoran Nasi Kandar Subaidah in Melaka stand out is the mee goreng pak hitam special, which is mee goreng that features a number of ingredients including vegetables, squid, and few others.

To wash all this food down, customers can enjoy the usual suspects here, whether it be coffee, tea, soft drinks, milo, and much more.