Can't decide between having steamboat or grill? Why not have both, at the same time?! At Restoran Mr. Joo Teppanyaki and steamboat buffet, you're sure to have your fill of both. Located not too far from Malacca's famous Jonker Walk, this particular restaurant caters to both young and old with a little bit of everything for everyone, perfect for gathering events among family, relatives and friends.

As far as steamboat goes, every table is provided with a steamboat pot which is divided into two halves, allowing customers to alternate between flavors. And speaking of flavors, the soups come in four distinct flavors: chicken stock, herbal, Tom Yam and kimchi flavor. Customers can opt for new flavors upon finishing their current ones, so be sure to give all 4 kinds a try. 

A grill -electric based, so there will be no fuss with charcoal;  is prepared for every table as well. In general, the customers will be handling everything on their own, from selecting ingredients to cooking and grilling.

The ingredients for both grill and steamboat are all situated in the middle of the setting, allowing easy access for customers seated throughout the place. Marinated meat -poultry, beef, pork, seafood in various different sauces: curry; black pepper; etc; assorted fresh vegetables and a selection of frozen food are all arranged neatly -and cleanly; for the picking. Staff will diligently replenish the ingredients as it runs low, so there is nothing to worry about not being able to have your favorite ingredient.

And while you're at it, since cooking and grilling may take a tad while, if you wish to have a bite or two, honey coated roasted chicken wings and fried chicken nuggets are readily available for consumption. 

However, do note that the buffet -while it's all you can eat; has a time limit of 2 hours upon being seated, so don't waste time getting around chowing down.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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